[Focus Group Forum] Developing a postgraduate course on Climate Change Policy & Law

3 October 2021

IUM invited some subject matter experts to contribute to the design of their new Climate Change Policy & Law curriculum

The International Islamic University Malaysia has entered into a partnership with nine universities and institutions from the UK, Spain, Greece, India, Vietnam and Malaysia to develop a curriculum in climate change policy and law.

This project to develop a postgraduate programme is done through an Erasmus+ Programme of the European Union secured by IIUM's Assoc. Prof. Dr. Maizatun Mustafa and her team.

As part of the development process of the programme, IIUM has conducted this Focus Group Forum with the participation of subject matter experts from academia, civil society and industry.

Jia Yaw emphasised the need to understand the multiple narratives of climate change and the usefulness of experiential learning methods.

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climate change, roundtable discussion, International Islamic University Malaysia, policy, environmental law