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BFM | The Hope We Have for a Better Malaysia

Tuesday, 29 August 2023

Ahead of Malaysia's Independence Day, BFM's Chwi Lynn, Sharmilla and Sharaad talked about the notion of hope and invited some activists to chime in.

BFM did a lovely show in the run up to Merdeka Day by speaking authentically about how easily it is to feel disillusioned or dispirited when we think about our country.

The hosts of the Evening Edition, Lee Chwi Lynn, Sharmilla Ganesan and Sharaad Kuttan explored the notion of hope and whether Malaysians still have hope for a better Malaysia. They reached out to a few activists and people working on making things better to see how they feel and what keeps them pushing on.

Some of the voices they heard from included:

  • Ivy Josiah (women's rights advocate)

  • Ketheswaaran Nadarajah (Education Welfare Research Foundation)

  • Shaq Koyok (Orang Asli visual artist and activist)

  • John-Son Oei (Epic Collection)

  • Ann Teo (ROSE)

  • Heidy Quah (Refuge for the Refugees)

  • Kiu Jia Yaw (Bar Council Environment & Climate Change Committee)

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