Recent activities

28 September 2021

[Webinar] Mekong-ASEAN Environmental Week 2021: Transboundary Haze Pollution in Southeast Asia

A unique discussion of transboundary haze pollution from Indonesia and the Mekong region

9 September 2021

[Podcast] BFM, Inside Story | Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve Regazettement

In the wake of the Selangor government's U-turn on the degazettement of the KLNFR, Jia Yaw talks about some legal measures needed to protect forest reserves.

8 September 2021

Astro Awani, Consider This | Kuala Langat Whose Rights Prevailed?

Astro's anchors speak with Jia Yaw following the Selangor government's decision this evening to re-gazette the KLNFR and scrap its controversial development plans.

1 August 2021

Completion of the Study on Strengthening Environmental Governance in Malaysia

After months of intense work, ASM's report has been submitted to the Ministry of Environment & Water (KASA)

22 July 2021

[Webinar] Directors' Duties and Climate Change

The Bar Council Environment & Climate Change Committee co-organised this webinar with Climate Governance Malaysia (CGM)

2 July 2021

[Webinar] BCSD Malaysia | Human Rights and the Environment: Improving Supply Chain Compliance

Jia Yaw shared about how to get started on a human rights policy for business organisations.

9 June 2021

[News] South China Morning Post | Can the Penang Reclamation project be stopped?

Critics say the multibillion-dollar island-building scheme, also known as BiodiverCity, will devastate marine life and may be rendered obsolete by coronovirus-fuelled work-from-home practices.

24 May 2021

[Podcast] BFM, Morning Brief | Selangor's motivations to degazette forest reserves

A chat on how forest reserves can be degazetted or excised. This is against the backdrop of the Selangor State Government's plan to degazette the Kuala Langat North Forest Reserve.

12 April 2021

[Roundtable] KASA's Roundtable Discussion on Malaysia's Low Emissions Pathway

The Ministry of Environment & Water hosted a multi-sector discussion on Malaysia's low emissions pathway.

9 April 2021

[Podcast] BFM, Morning Brief | Paradigm shift needed for environmental legislation

Following the frequent water pollution incidents in 2019 and 2020, Jia Yaw speaks about some necessary reforms.

22 March 2021

[Podcast] BFM, Earth Matters | A people's revolution to stop water pollution?

In conjunction with World Water Day, Arhwin and Jia Yaw join BFM's Juliet Jacobs in a discussion about the right to clean and safe water.

16 March 2021

[Webinar] C4 Press Statement | More transparency, stringency needed to preserve human rights and environment from plastic waste imports

Jia Yaw moderated a public forum on the illegal importation of plastic waste that was organised by C4 Center and Sahabat Alam Malaysia. This press statement was issued after the forum.

14 March 2021

[Webinar] University Malaya | The Law and the Environment

Universiti Malaya's Ecolawgy organised this environmental law webinar for law students in the run-up to the Law Faculty's Moot competition concerning climate litigation.

25 February 2021

[Webinar] Roundtable | Leaving No One Behind Book Launch & Roundtable on the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: Localising SDGs Post Covid-19

An online roundtable discussion on rebuilding local economies against the challenges of Covid-19, in the context of the work of the APPGM-SDG.

4 February 2021

[Webinar] ABIM | Isu Perubahan Iklim Dalam Negara: Undang-undang & Penguatkuasaan

Dalam siri "1 jam untuk alam" ABIM, president ABIM, Tuan Muhamad Faisal berbincang dengan Kiu Jia Yaw tentang status perundangan dan penguatkuasaan undang-undang hutan dan iklim.

18 January 2021

[Webinar] BarChats Episode 1: Where do Environmental Rights come from? What are they?

In this second episode of our 5-episode series on environmental rights, we have an engaging discussion with Datuk Prof Shad Saleem Faruqi and Preetha Sankar on our sources of environmental law.

2 October 2020

[Podcast] BFM, Law & Behold | The right to a clean environment

BFM’s Juliet Jacobs discusses with Jia Yaw on Malaysia’s legal framework for environmental protection and sustainability, and the reforms we need.

17 September 2020

[Podcast] BFM, Morning Brief | Needs a bigger stick

An interview on the recent water cut following the pollution of Sungai Gong in Selangor.

8 September 2020

[News] The Edge Markets | Pandemic an opportunity for businesses to look at sustainability

At CIMB's Cooler Earth Summit, Jia Yaw calls on entrepreneurs and businesses to reflect on their role in society and how they can contribute towards sustainable development.

6 August 2020

[News] Reuters | Malaysia walks away from law to tackle firms over forest fires

Following the Government's decision not to introduce a law to tackle Malaysian companies responsible for forest fires in Indonesia, Jia Yaw was interviewed by Michael Taylor of Reuters for his thoughts.