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KLSCCCI x Swedish Embassy Panel | Gender DEI at the Workplace

Thursday, 6 April 2023

Focusing on the gender part of sustainable development, we invited Mölnlycke, Petronas, Ericsson and the 30% Club Malaysia to share their experiences.

The Chinese Chamber of Commerce & Industry of Kuala Lumpur & Selangor (KLSCCCI) and the Swedish Embassy hosted their second ESG event together - a panel discussion on implementing gender DEI at the workplace, showcasing the different approaches taken by Swedish and Malaysian companies.

H.E. Dr. Joachim Bergstrom perfectly set the stage during his opening speech by stating that gender equality is not a "Western concept". He appealed to the audience that freedom from discrimination is an inherent human right that everyone should get behind.

Our panellists for the day were:

  • Jean-Christophe Guillou, Vice President, Global Operations & Sourcing, Gloves, Mölnlycke

  • Ifrah Shahrinil Rais, Vice President Sourcing, Ericsson Malaysia, Sri Lanka and Bangladesh

  • Akmal Niza Ahmad, Senior General Manager, Petroliam Nasional Berhad

  • Norlela Baharudin, Co-Lead, Enable Pillar, Mentoring Workgroup, 30% Club

Jia Yaw resumed his role as the moderator and facilitated an insightful discussion about the challenges that these companies faced when trying to implement DEI policies. Some key points highlighted were as follows:

  • DEI initiatives do not work instantaneously, progress takes time and patience. Thus, companies must manage their expectations about the intended outcome and continue to do better.

  • Gender DEI is an important value among new talents, making it a value proposition from the companies seeking to attract young minds. These younger workers are also more likely to stay with companies that share similar values as they are seen to be more supportive.

  • The gender conversation is incomplete without looping in men! Male allies play a massive role to support empowered women in the workforce.

  • The adoption of family-oriented values within a company promotes stability and loyalty of the employees. Working mothers also have lots to contribute!

The event concluded with an opportunity for participants to network and share their thoughts.


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