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Sidang Kemuncak MyHutan & Rundingan Iklim Belia Negara

Saturday, 28 May 2022

MyHutan organised a one-day youth climate change summit

MyHutan organised the Summit and National Youth Climate Consultation on 28 May 2022. It was a one-day event bringing together environmentally curious and conscious youths from all over Malaysia, environmental organisations and the Ministry of Environment and Water to discuss climate change law and policy.

MyHutan (Malaysian Youth for Forest Action) is a youth campaign powered by UNDI18 to institutionalise the protection and conservation of Malaysian forests in the Federal Constitution through the Ecological Fiscal Transfer mechanism.

Jia Yaw participated in a panel discussion on climate change policy together with Dr Gary Theseira (formerly with MGTC) and Dr Irini Ibrahim (UiTM).


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