The Cooler Earth Summit 2022

Wednesday, 21 September 2022

Jia Yaw participated in a panel discussion on the business case for social justice

Jia Yaw participated in this year's CIMB sustainability summit by speaking in a panel on the theme of social justice.

Entitled "The Business case for Social Justice", the panelists were -

  • Eric Roeder (Asia Pacific Region, ILO)

  • Sharan Burrow (Int'l Trade Union Confederation)

  • Kiu Jia Yaw (Malaysian Bar)

  • Tamara Gondo (Liberty Society)

The session was moderated by Dr. Kishore Ravuri (Impacto).

Jia Yaw took the opportunity to point out a perspective that is often forgotten: The economy exists within society, which in turn, exists within the physical world.

He used this sector-piercing perspective to help people in the private sector -

  1. make sens of the fast and furious expectations coming at them;

  2. appreciate how corporate aspirations must align with human aspirations; and

  3. see that when they take ownership of their place in the world, they will become more competitive in their respective markets that are adopting new aspirations.