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Webinar | Environmental Law & Climate Change: The Way Forward

Monday, 9 May 2022

In this RWC Webinar Community Series, Darren Lai discussed Malaysia's environmental and climate change laws with Jia Yaw

In this webinar organised and hosted by Messrs Richard Wee Chambers (RWC), Darren Lai (Partner at RWC) put the following questions to Jia Yaw:-

  1. What is environmental law?

  2. What are the available laws to protect the environment?

  3. Climate change is real and it is getting worse judging from the recent mega floods that occurred. How far has Malaysia come in terms of the laws to slow down climate change? Are they sufficient?

  4. Who should be responsible for these changes?

  5. There is a growing trend in climate litigation happening around the world. For e.g. the case or Urgenda Foundation in the Netherlands and closer to home in the case of Sharma in Australia. What are the takeaways from these cases? 6. Do we see this trend happening in Malaysia?

Watch the discussion in the link below.

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