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It's been a year!

Updated: Feb 6, 2023

I realise I should get comfortable with sharing my journey with you.

A year ago, I decided it’s time to unapologetically embrace all those parts of me that felt awkward and at odds with what’s mainstream and conventional.

As much as I value fitting in and yearn to be accepted, I just cannot do a lot of what is still seen as normal in the professional world.

That was why I formed this law firm as a safe platform to weave the component pieces I’ve gained and developed, and offer it to humans and organisations who are change makers and fellow travellers. It has just been a year, and my, our projects have been interesting! And how we went about the projects has been interesting!

I now feel comfortable saying that I am on a journey to deconstruct how I practise law. And I want to take BOLDER strides doing that. Obviously, all this scares me to death, but the torment of being inauthentic with oneself is incomparable.

So, today’s the first anniversary of Kiu & Co.

It’s been a liberating and fantastic adventure and the little world around me has responded really positively. I am deeply grateful to so many people for this. Thank you!

I will give my all in developing Kiu & Co. as a purpose-driven law firm.

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