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My First Year at Kiu & Co.

I can’t believe it has been a year since my onboarding call with Jia Yaw. There I was, in complete awe that I have actually landed a job out of some luck and real persistence. I was also pretty nervous because this was my first job ever and I really wanted to make sure I prove myself worthy of the opportunity.

One of the many opportunities: I’ve had the pleasure of serving as the Interim Coordinator to assist the Co-chairs of the Malaysian CSO-SDG Alliance, Lavanya and Jia Yaw.

With Kiu & Co. being a non-stereotypical law firm (in fact, most of our work falls beyond the realms of strict legal work), there were so many new worlds to explore and experience. Jia Yaw told me that I need to view it as learning different dances: with different costumes, different moves, different music, different dance partners and so on. A large part of the learning curve was navigating these dances as I learn about the unique perspectives of working with the private sector, the government, and civil society. Especially when our work overlaps between these sectors, and sometimes all three simultaneously.

At the first meeting of the Bar Council Working Group on Business & Human Rights and SDGs.

Of course, this journey was not without a bit of stumbling and boohoos. Yet, these were necessary struggles to shape my thoughts and hone the skills required to be a “chameleon”. While I am still a long way from mastering this, I would say that I can at least properly wrap my head around these perspectives. It has truly been a privilege to be put in such a position of constant learning, one that I have not and will not take for granted.

While I may be just a spring chicken, I was encouraged to speak up and take space.

As I reflect on my first year here, I am filled with gratitude. I am grateful for the opportunity to be part of so much interesting and meaningful work, and to have met and worked with so many kind and passionate people. I would also like to give a special shoutout to Jia Yaw for being a mentor first, rather than my boss.

Now, onwards and upwards!

Glad to be part of “co.” in Kiu & Co.

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