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We're hiring for our SUHAKAM project!

The haze pollution complaint we (the CERAH Coalition) submitted to SUHAKAM on 7 December 2021 has triggered a national inquiry into the systemic gaps that have allowed this problem to persist.

SUHAKAM will be conducting a series of public consultations with all relevant stakeholders across the public, private and non-profit sectors. The purpose of this is to enable SUHAKAM to make appropriate recommendations to the Government of Malaysia.

We are inviting SUHAKAM to make recommendations on 4 strategic themes:

(1) strengthening the recognition of environmental rights in Malaysia;

(2) strengthening Malaysia's air quality governance;

(3) strengthening the governance of transboundary haze pollution; and

(4) strengthening Business & Human Rights in Malaysia.

These themes relate closely to environmental justice, climate change and sustainable development.

Our firm is now working closely with the CERAH Coalition, as the civil society partner of SUHAKAM, in preparing for the public consultations. We are looking for passionate individuals who can support us in this work.

This is a two-month contract. You will work from home, with no regular work hours to keep. The work load is difficult to predict as there are many variables due to the nature of this unique project. Some discussions and meetings may take place in the evenings and weekends because of the diversity of people we work with.

Please send your resume to by 20th February 2022.

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