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Here we go! Kicking off our SUHAKAM discussions with multi-sector stakeholders

Updated: Apr 6, 2022

After months of drafting, months of building a team, months of networking with allies, this ‘big national conversation’ is finally happening.

Tomorrow and on Friday, we are co-hosting a roundtable discussion with SUHAKAM, the national human rights commission of Malaysia, on haze pollution and the systemic gaps allowing it to persist.

With invitations to all relevant multi-sector stakeholders, I don’t know what exactly to expect as we traverse the areas of causes of haze, impacts of haze, systemic gaps and possible recommendations and solutions.

I hope that with an evidence-based and rights-based approach, we will have a great big conversation that would yield a reasonable spectrum of the most strategic solutions.

We are expecting to develop recommendations (that SUHAKAM may make to the Malaysian government) based on 4 main themes:

a. strengthening the recognition of environmental rights

b. strengthening air quality governance

c. governance governance of transboundary haze pollution

d. governance Business & Human Rights

Let’s see what happens next!

By the way, you can find out more about the roundtable discussion happening on 9 & 11 March 2022 through this flyer.

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